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Want to find businesses that take Apple Pay? Use Apple Maps!

If you want to pay with your iPhone, check Apple Maps first.

Paying for stuff with your iPhone is great, but waving it around at the register hoping that they take Apple Pay is...not so much fun.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to see which stores and restaurants take Apple Pay near you. And it’s built right into Apple Maps.

Using Apple Pay with your iPhone is faster, easier, and more secure than digging out your credit card.

Plus, we’ll soon have the Apple Card credit card, which only gives you 2% cash back if you pay using Apple Pay.

So yeah, it’s a good idea to check for Apple Pay ahead of time. And it’s actually really easy, all you need is Apple Maps on your iPhone, iPad, or even your Mac.

On your iPhone, just search for and tap on the business you want to go to. Take the card that appears at the bottom of your screen and drag it up, until you see the section labeled “Useful to Know.”

If the business accepts Apple Pay, you’ll see the little logo on the right. No logo, no Apple Pay.

To check using your Mac, just open the Maps app, find the business you want to check, and click on it. A nameplate will pop up; and you have to click on the little info button on the right.

That will bring up an info card just like the one on your iPhone. Scroll down to that “Useful to Know” section and look for the Apple Pay logo.

I’ve been checking this everywhere I go for a few months now, and it has never been wrong. But if you look up a major retail chain that just started taking Apple Pay, the map might say that it is accepted even though it hasn’t rolled out to that specific location yet. That happened to my friend when he looked up a Target a few months ago.

Once you get used to the convenience of paying with your iPhone, you won’t want to go back to cards. So pop open that map, and check all your favorite places. The number of them that take Apple Pay may surprise you.