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5 must-have apps for your new Apple Watch

Take your little wrist computer to the next level with these great apps.

So you just got a new Apple Watch, and you’re having fun closing your rings and checking you heartrate, but you’re wondering--what else can this thing do?

There are lots of great apps that work with the Apple Watch, and here are five of our favorites that focus on adding new features. They’re a great way to take your little wrist computer to the next level.

First up is AutoSleep

This app does one thing and one thing only: it uses your Apple Watch to track your sleep patterns AUTOMATICALLY. Just wear your watch to bed, and AutoSleep does the rest.

Sleep tracking is top-of-the-list for features we wish Apple would add to Apple Watch, and until they do, AutoSleep fills that gap nicely.

It’s sort of funny how calculator watches have been a thing so long but the Apple Watch has no built-in calculator. PC Calc Lite is one of the best out there, and it’s totally free.

There’s a $10 version of the PC Calc app, but if all you want to do is add a simple calculator to your Watch, the free version will do just fine.

Definitely NOT free is the task manager app Things

Things is ten bucks, and that seems like a lot of money for a fancy to-do list, but Things is one of the best iPhone productivity apps around. And it’s just as great on the Apple Watch.

Things is simple, elegant, fast, and smart. It’s everything you want in an app to keep you on top of your daily tasks, and packing lists, and errands...whatever.

Just Press Record isn’t free either, but it’s worth the five dollar price.

It’s a fast and simple-yet-powerful recording app. On the watch, you can just tap a complication and start recording immediately, right on you watch, even if your iPhone isn’t nearby. It’ll sync up later.

You can store recordings in the cloud, even transcribe them automatically in a bunch of languages. You’d be surprised how useful it is to have one-touch recording available on your wrist all the time.

And if you’re a sports fan, you should defintely change out theScore

I am NOT a sports fan, but if I were, this is the app I would use to keep on top of my favorite teams and athletes.

It’s totally free, and very customizable. If you cant be near a TV, getting instant scoring updates, stats, and breaking news on your wrist is the next best thing.