LG's W8 OLED TV has Google Assistant

LG's updated flagship OLED TV for 2018 packs Google Assistant in addition to HDR, HFR and Dolby Atmos support.

This is LG's W8, it's an update on the company's TV line and one of the new features, more voice commands with the remote control.


Last year's model had a basic set of voice commands associated with TV operation, but the W8 goes way beyond that with Google Assistant. It makes the TV a whole lot more intelligent and allows things like this:

What's the weather tomorrow?

Show me vacation photos?

There's a whole list of things you can do with Google Assistant when you're not concentrated on a TV show or movie. And there are all the basic commands for operating the TV and finding content that go through LG's own voice assistant service.

The OLED TV supports four of the five HDR formats, HDR 10+ is the only one not supported, high-frame rate, Dolby Atmos audio and the screen is less reflective so viewing off the side will be easier.

Like the 2017 model, the W8 has the electronics separated to a sound-bar-like unit. That makes the display portion pretty thin.

The W8 will be out later in 2018.