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Intel's Compute Card is coming in August

This is Intel’s Compute Card. A tiny PC that connects to a bunch of devices

This is Intel’s Compute Card
A tiny PC that connects to a bunch of devices

Inside each card is a processor,
memory, storage, WiFi and Bluetooth

It’s designed to be plugged into devices like this all-in-1 machine

The Compute Card provides the main PC components
So once inserted, the computer starts up

But the card can be ejected
and taken to another device

Making it an ultra portable PC

Intel showed off a few prototypes at Compute in Taipei
Like this all-in-1 from LG Display

And this laptop, whiteboard
and desktop dock for the education market

Dell, HP and Lenovo are all working
on Compute Card projects

Intel will begin selling four models
of the Compute Card from August

It hasn’t announced prices