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Watch: Vint Cerf on inventing the Internet, defending Al Gore

In this far-ranging interview from 2001, "Father of the Internet" Vinton Cerf recalls having to "shove TCP down people's throats" and lobby for government permission to commercialize the 'Net.

Vinton Cerf in 2001:
Inventing the Internet, defending Al Gore

The following are excerpts from a Nov. 2, 2001 oral history interview with Dr. Vinton G. Cerf, then senior vice president for Internet architecture and technology at WorldCom.

The interview was filmed in anticipation of Cerf receiving the 2002 JD Edwards Leadership Award for Collaborative Innovation, part of the Computerworld Smithsonian Awards program.

This interview, conducted by Daniel S. Morrow on Nov. 1, 2001, at Worldcom’s Ashburn, Va., headquarters, was made possible by the Chairman’s Committee of the Computerworld Smithsonian program, a consortium comprising chairs and CEOs of world’s leading information technology companies, along with Roger Kennedy, director of the National Museum of American History, and Pat McGovern, founder and chairman of IDG and Computerworld.

The interview and others in the series were distributed to national archives worldwide to be used for scholarly purposes.

Download the transcript of Cerf’s full three-hour interview here: