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GE Power's Ganesh Bell: How not to fail at digital transformation

Chief Digital Officer Ganesh Bell shares the three keys to a successful digital transformation and explains how GE Power turned "digital exhaust" to $4 billion in new business.

GE Power CDO:
How to drive digital transformation

Ganesh Bell  
Chief Digital Officer 
GE Power  

“Most companies when people think digital, CIO is trying to digitize work, or CMO trying to engage customers. Most of those will fail. You need a belief system right at the top, beyond work and marketing, reimagining core business, that's how you create new business models, without that, most digital tranformations will fail.” 

Subtitle: 3 keys to success

“Job No. 1 is building a belief system. New solutions in your industry, core of believe, C-suite, your job is to create.  When you reimagine your business in digital, transform how you market, etc, transform core offerings, product and services become digital, you are doing digitization or work and marketing not digital transformation. Culture  means beliefs, metrics, how you work. reintegrating.”

Subtitle: Follow the ‘digital exhaust’

“When most people think about GE, they say what do you have to teach me about digital. We're the largest digital in the world, just like Amazon and Google, they followed the digital exhaust of all of their customers, took the digital exhaust of all of our machines, 120 million hours of operating data, we could create ideas of a digital twin, applications that create more value out of our assets, reduce fuel consumption, how do you improve productivity.”

“Now apply that idea across other machines and other industrial settings. Then workers touching those machines.  Connecting that to drones and robots. We can start following that digital exhaust, try to solve their full problems. Customers. Deliver new outcomes. $4 billion new business for GE.”  

Subtitle: Transform your culture

“You have to think about your culture and talent, operating with ethics and speed, how to lead with believe around market, minimal viable product, bringing in new talent but also reintegrating employees. Digital can be scary, have to lead with an aspirational vision, some of them may not make it, over time, you will have a new breed of employee. In power, data scientists and thermal engineers, so you can transform your culture.”