SOS: Astronauts make a quick getaway via a zip line

Engineers at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida have installed a zip line to zoom astronauts to safety in case of an emergency during launch.

These engineers are zooming down a zip line

And it’s all in the name of safety

They’re testing an emergency escape system for Boeing’s new Starliner crew capsule

which will launch on a rocket to the International Space Station

There are four cables from the top of the boarding tower

Up to 20 people can zoom down the cables to a spot 1,300 feet away

Riders control their speed by releasing pressure on the handles

and can reach speeds of 40mph in 30 seconds

Springs in the landing area gradually slow a rider if they forget to brake

In March, Boeing successfully tested its Starliner parachute to bring the crew back to earth

Safety first!