Hoping for a raise in 2017? Here’s the outlook for IT pay

Your chances for getting a salary bump are pretty good, according to Computerworld's 2017 IT Salary Survey, but be aware: This year more than ever, the way forward is murky.

Hoping for a raise, a bonus or a new job with a better salary in 2017? Signs are looking good, but be aware: This year more than ever, the way forward is murky. Computerworld’s exclusive survey of 2,700 tech professionals, including more than 1,200 IT managers, reveals some positive compensation trends for the year. Salaries are up. Bonuses are on the rise. If you’re thinking of switching jobs in search of higher pay, signs are promising:

More than 40% of managers expect to grow their IT staff in the coming year. Hiring managers say they’re on the lookout for these skills in particular. So what’s the worry? Well…

Salaries aren’t up as much as they’ve been in the past two years. And bonuses aren’t increasing as much as they have in the past two years. What’s more, industry watchers can’t agree if new policies coming from Washington are likely to help or hinder IT.

All of which makes for uncertain times ahead for the U.S. tech sector.  That said, IT workers seem prepared to weather any coming storms. Survey results show IT workers are feeling satisfied with their current compensation… … happy with their jobs… … and fairly secure in their positions…

Even with its ups and downs, the vast majority of respondents believe the IT industry is a great place to pursue a career.