Electric Eve is a vision of the autonomous car future

The concept vehicle is designed by Chinese start-up, Nio, and offers a glimpse of the company's dream for the future of autonomous, connected travel.

Eve is a concept autonomous car

It’s made by electric car start-up Nio

At the heart of Eve is an AI agent called Nomi

It learns about passengers and tailors information to their needs and activities

Side sliding doors open to the interior

which can fit up to 6 passengers and allows for working, communicating, and sleeping

The front two seats have a panoramic view of the outside

and of the digital displays needed when the car is in non-autonomous mode

Nio joins established car companies like Toyota and Honda in developing autonomous cars

In October, Nio was issued an autonomous vehicle testing permit by California

It has partnered with Mobileye, Nvidia, and NXP semiconductors

and promises to have a production autonomous vehicle on US roads by 2020