We stepped onto Ford's Carr-E prototype for a joyride

The Carr-E is one of Ford's visions for a personal mobility, last mile solution.

Standup: “This here is the Ford Carr-E. It’s Ford’s ‘last mile solution.’ The idea behind it is that you just put it in the truck of your car, and when park in the parking lot, maybe that’s a little bit farther away from your destination, you can just pop it out of the trunk and just get up on it and drive around. It’s controlled by your body weight so if you lean right, it will go right, if you lean left it will go left. And I think I’m gonna take it for a spin.”

Track 2: The first thing you have to do when you get on the Carr-E is to calibrate it. The device works by detecting your center point of gravity and using your body weight to determine which direction you want to move. Green lights mean the calibration is finished and you are good to go.

Track 3: After some instruction I was ready to take the Carr-E for a spin. But I may have missed a lesson.

NAT: “I should have learned how to break!”

Track 4: My second time around was a little easier.

NAT 2: “Hips and shoulders. Gotta constantly repeat that. Hips and shoulders.”

Track 5: Thought riding around on the Carr-E like a cat on a Rumba is a blast, the prototype is meant to tackle the problem of urban mobility.

Track 6: At a weight of about 15 kilograms, the Carr-E is supposed to fit inside the trunk of a car in place of a spare tire.

Track 7: It has a range of 22 kilometers and can carry up to 120 kilograms.

Track 8: A smartphone application can put the Carr-E into ‘drone mode’ which means it will follow the user around.

Track 9: Ford is not the only car maker to try its hand at personal mobility vehicles. Honda’s self-balancing Uni-Cub is also meant to ease travel in our increasingly congested cities. We got to try one out back at CES in January.

Track 10: Though the technology for personal mobility vehicles seems to be ready, I don’t think we are.

NAT: Bye.