Software allows all cars to coexist

Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have come up with an algorithm that allows autonomous and manually-driven cars to share the road.

Swiss researchers have developed a new algorithm to help autonomous cars coexist on today’s roads.

It has no central hub and cars communicate with each other through WiFi to keep traffic flowing.

They exchange sensor data so every car knows what the other is doing.

So each car is able to adjust to the movements of others in real time

The algorithm was developed by researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)

It was tested as part of the European AutoNet2030 project in October 2016

Three vehicles were used: an autonomous car and truck, and a manually-driven car equipped with sensors

In the scenario, the manual car sends a message to the autonomous cars that it wants to merge

and the autonomous vehicles reorganize to give it room

Alcherio Martinoli – EPFL
“It is unavoidable that autonomous cars will come on our roads. The point is that these algorithms goes on top of this autonomy is actually for coordinating multiple vehicles, but is robust enough to be deployed before all the vehicles on the road will be autonomous.”