The INU is a high-end scooter for the stylish urbanite

INU is an electric, luxury scooter that's intended for a young generation of urban working professionals.

Track 1: The INU is a smart, electric scooter that wants to make city travel stylish.

Track 2: The INU is made by Israeli-based company, Green Ride, and will transition from use in the street to being carried into a building or train. You can think of it as personal vehicle meets last mile solution.

SOT (Attias) 6:11 “There are different concepts of how the city will look in the future regarding transportation, and we believe in the concept that in the end it will be a very efficient public transportation system integrated with a personal one. So we created a vehicle that integrated with the city.”

Track 3: INU is targeted towards young professionals who spend most of their time in the city and value user experience as much as convenience. To cater to them, Green Ride needed to make the INU cool and connected.

SOT 2 (Attias) 2:20 “The INU has a computer on board…this computer has a GPS, SIM card, and WIFI. Logically the concept is that we can support everything from maintenance to personalization”

Track 4: According to Green Ride, another feature of the INU is a self-folding mechanism triggered through either a voice command, hand gesture, or smartphone app.

Track 5: Unfortunately, I was unable to see any of those features in action since the models in Green Ride’s Palo Alto showroom were not functional.

Track 6: Consumers can now reserve their INU either by visiting the showroom or going online. But it won’t come cheap. Pricing starts out at $2,999 for the 18-mile model and ranges to $4,999 for the top-spec 24-mile range version.

So far the reaction has been muted. INU’s web site shows the company has only had 19 reservations.

For IDG News Service, I’m Magdalena Petrova in Palo Alto, California.