These 3-D printed, swarm drones are a surveillance tool for the DOD

The Department of Defense is testing Perdix, autonomous micro-drones capable of collective decision-making and adaptive formation flying.

These are the DOD’s autonomous, 3-D printed drones
They are called Perdix
The name comes from a Greek mythological character who was turned into a bird
During testing in October, 103 of them were launched out of three F/A-18 Super Hornets in California
The drones function as a swarm and are not individually pre-programmed
Instead they talk to and adapt to each other’s movements like a collective organism
Operators give them broad tasks, such as surveilling a field, and the drones figure out the best way to execute them
The DoD wants to use the drones for low-altitude intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions
Its goal is to produce 1,000 units this year