This robot plays a mean game of chess

This robot uses computer vision technology coupled with deep learning to play chess.

Track 1: This companion robot can serve you coffee while beating you at chess.

Track 2: The robot uses a computer vision system from Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute or ITRI.

Track 3: In this chess demonstration, the robot must identify each chess piece, use fine controls to grip the piece and decide what kind of move best fits the current situation.

Track 4: The vision system allows the robot to distinguish an object’s size, shape, color, and location even if on an uneven plane. But it’s not always perfect.

SOT: (00:49): “Most current robots, they are programmed to perform a specific task…
“The robot equipped with this intelligent vision system, it can change behavior dynamically based on a written event and the requirement.”

Track 5: What Kao is referring to is the robot’s capacity for deep learning. Each time it plays, the robot gets better at evaluating the moves of its opponent and responding accordingly. And it’s already pretty good!

Track 6: Using this Intelligent Vision System, IRTI says that robots like this could be integrated into the manufacturing sector especially in jobs that require a lot of strength or assembly line work.

Track 7: ITRI is still developing the Intelligent Vision System, but says the the technology should be ready for real-world applications in two to three years.