Honda's NeuV concept car is smart and practical

Honda's NeuV combines the company's vision for ride sharing, connectivity, autonomous driving, and AI.

Track 1: Honda’s NeuV concept car is the company’s vision for ride sharing, connectivity, autonomous driving, and AI.

Track 2: The NeuV looks vaguely like a SmartCar, with an emphasis on smart.

SOT 1: (Nick) “The car itself revolves around artificial intelligence, and we call her Hana, which stands for Honda Automated Network Assistant. Hana helps you out on your daily life, so she helps you with your schedule, make sure that you’re getting to meetings on time, those kinds of things. But also she can actually feel emotion and sense your emotion through face recognition and heart monitoring.”

Track 4: Honda calls the technology the “emotion engine” and says it’s meant to bring back the bond that consumers used to have with their vehicles before they started seeing cars as just another way to get around. That’s why Hana is front and center.

SOT 2 (Nick) “As you can see the entire dashboard is a screen and what it does is give Hana the biggest platform possible to communicate to you. And this really is the highlight of the car itself. The interior of the car is really simple, but then this is kind of our showpiece. So it’s kind of like the grand piano in the room if you will.”

Track 5: In addition to AI, the NeuV also showcases Honda’s focus on ease of mobility. The company says it envisions the concept as a ride sharing car and even throws in a little extra something in the back for those shorter trips.

SOT 3: (Nick) “You notice in the back here we have a, this is actually an electric long board inside and what that is is kind of our solution for the last mile EV. And what we wanted to do was rather than do some folding scooter or something complicated like that, we wanted to be more cool I guess. So we chose to do the long board.”

Track 6: Honda says that the NeuV is currently at level 4 autonomous driving, meaning that it can navigate by itself in most situations, though in some instances, such as crowded city driving, a human driver may need to intervene.

Track 7: Though we won’t be seeing NeuV on the road, the concept does give us a glimpse of some of the technologies which may trickle down to Honda’s production vehicles. For IDG News Service I’m Magdalena Petrova reporting from CES, in Las Vegas.