Toyota's Concept-i is a friend and guardian

The Concept-i is Toyota's dream for a future where AI and cars help to guide and care for the driver

Track 1: Toyota’s Concept-i car is meant to create a warm, inviting environment for the driver, a feeling the company hopes will eventually blossom into a friendship.

Track 2: At the center of this bond is the Concept-I’s AI system, which Toyota has dubbed Yui (yu-eee). Using a number of biometric systems, Yui can discern a driver’s emotions and monitor his or her attention.

Track 3: Yui is meant to be all immersive, so the AI agent is not restricted to the car’s interior panels. Yui can be appear on the exterior door panels to greet the driver, or on the rear of the vehicle to communicate messages such as an upcoming turn or warn about a potential hazard.

Track 4: To many of us, building a relationship with a car may seem silly, but Toyota says it could promote safety.

SOT (Pratt) (4:27): “At TRI, we think that Yui, the concept AI agent might not only be a way to engage with human beings and create useful advice to the driver, we think it might also be a way to modulate and maintain a driver’s situational awareness using mild secondary tasks to promote safety.”

Track 5: Drivers have the option of automated or manual driving as indicated by the different color of the lights in the foot wells. But even in manual mode, the Concept-i is constantly scanning road conditions and driver alertness to ensure safety.

SOT (Carter) (10:29) “With YUI and Concept-I, the car and the driver, they become as one as teammates.”

Track 6: Concept-I will not be commercially available, but it could be a good example of how car manufacturers are leveraging AI to aid and entertain. For IDG News Service, I’m Magdalena Petrova reporting from CES, Las Vegas.