Chrysler's Portal concept hopes to pique millennials' interests

Chrysler's concept car is modular, electric, and ultra connected.

Track 1: Chrysler’s Portal concept car is a pitch to a younger generation

Track 2: With a slew of interconnected features, Portal was designed by millennials for millennials

Track 3: Its digital dashboard and internal surfaces can be transformed into screens, and a ten gadget dock system ensures that passenger are never without power

Track 4: Portal is also modular, with seats that can be removed and inserted based on the driver’s changing lifestyle

Track 5: A number of cameras and sensors can be added to make the car spatially aware and eventually prepare it for autonomous driving

Track 6: Perhaps the most noticeable feature of the car is its wide, LED rimmed doors, which do away with the traditional middle pillar for a much more spacious feel

Track 7: Like most everything in the car, the lights can also be used for communication, such as signaling a turn or warning other cars of an approaching emergency vehicle

Track 8: A cloud system will also allow drivers and passengers to set and store specific profiles on how they like their seat, steering wheel position, and other adjustments

Track 9: The Portal is just a concept, and is not for sale. But the car may signal a shift from Chrysler’s particle family vehicle, to a cool, new, must have smart car