Pixel is a Google smartphone, inside and out

The Pixel smartphone is the first phone created solely by Google.

Google is throwing its hat into the smartphone market

Rick Osterloh - SVP of hardware, Google
“Today, I’m very excited to introduce you to a new phone made by Google. We call it Pixel.”

Pixel is the first smartphone made exclusively by Google

Starting at $649, it’s meant to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung

It comes with a 12.3MP camera, which Google claims is the best smartphone cam ever

and Smart Storage, which offers users unlimited, full res backups of photos and videos

But Pixel’s biggest feature is Google Assistant, which Google says is more robust than Siri and Alexa

And in case you wanted to spend some time in an alternate world

It comes ready to use with Google’s Daydream VR

But picking up a Pixel may require some patience: a lot of models are currently sold out