Dots are the digital Post-its of the modern smart home

Dots are low-power bluetooth devices that can be programed to deliver location-specific notifications and reminders as well as control bluetooth connected devices.

These little DOTs want to replace your Post-its

DOT is a low-power Bluetooth device, based on Apple’s iBeacon technology, that works with an app to trigger location-based actions in a phone.

For example, a DOT can be programmed to display a notification when you or a family member walks by. So, next time you enter the garage, your phone might remind you to wash your car or do your laundry.

Or, a DOT can launch an e-reader app when you sit on the couch or open a newspaper app when you’re in the kitchen making coffee.

A single DOT can also be programmed for multiple functions and you can put them anywhere, including your car.

“When you sit down in your car at the end of the day, your DOT will know that it’s Monday at 6pm and that you’re going home. And it will automatically open Google Maps for you, it will start you Spotify playlist, and it will show you what the current traffic conditions are looking like.”

DOT also has an an LED light which allows for two-way communication. Users can program the LED to glow a specific color to tell them if someone else is in the house or what the weather will be. The programming is done through the companion app.

The app knows you’re near by monitoring the DOT’s signal strength, so actions can be localized to rooms or areas of the house.

DOT is available on Kickstarter for 20 dollars a piece. The product is expected to begin shipping in March of 2017. An API is also available for third-party developers.