What should you expect from the iPhone 7?

Apple is unveiling its new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus this week. Here are all the rumors that have surfaced so far, and how likely they are to come true.

A new iPhone is coming your way... faster than you can say, hey where’s the headphone jack?

Apple will finally unveil the iPhone 7 this week. But we already have a pretty good idea what to expect. Maybe Apple leaked all those rumors to get the negative reactions out of the way before the official launch.

So, here’s what we think we know. For starters, don’t expect a drastic redesign. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will look near-identical to the current generation… allegedly. The good news? You’ll most likely be able to use your old iPhone case. The bad news? We’re not even expecting to get cool new colors, like blue or pink or space black.
According to the rumors, the only hardware changes in the iPhone 7 will be redesigned antenna lines that are traced on the edge of the phone, a totally flat Home button that’s pressure-sensitive, and yes, the headphone jack is going away - so start saving up for a new pair of wireless headphones.

Eliminating the headphone jack not only makes the iPhone 7 slightly thinner, but most importantly, it allows room to include a second speaker... allegedly.

And since we won’t be getting a headphone jack, Apple is going to have to revamp its EarPods. But the jury is still out on whether these new Apple earphones will connect via the lightning port or if they will be completely wireless.

In addition, the iPhone 7 Plus will have a dual-camera system… allegedly. So when you take a photo, you’ll actually be taking two, one with each camera lens. A special algorithm will then stitch the two images together to create a super-awesome picture -- so good that looks like it came from a legit DSLR.

Despite everything we’ve heard so far, I’m sure that Apple will still have a few surprises in its iPhone 7 reveal. For example, if this model doesn’t have a headphone jack, it might be easier to make it waterproof. Or Apple could release a third model, an iPhone Pro with a Smart Connector and Apple Pencil support. And what about low-hanging fruit like a bigger battery or getting rid of the 16 gigabyte model? All we can do at this point is keep our fingers crossed.