This trick will stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates, but be careful

A little white lie could save Windows 10 Home users from automatic updates, but it comes with big responsibilities. Watch for the full details.

Windows 10’s automatic updates are supposed to keep your PC safe by making sure it has all the latest bug fixes and security patches. It’s just annoying to feel it’s being forced on you. I get that.

I’m going to show you how to stop it in Windows 10 Home, but if you do this, you really need to update on your own, or else you’re just asking for trouble.

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Here’s the trick: Just tell Windows 10 you have a metered connection. You can’t do this if you’re connected via ethernet, but if you have a Wi-Fi connection, it’s easy.

Go to the Start menu, and hit Settings. Then go to Network & Internet.

As you can see, it opens to the Wi-Fi tab, and my Wi-Fi is turned on, and there’s a long list of available networks. I’m going to scroll down to the bottom of this list to the link called ‘Advanced options.’

Now I have a window with options including Metered connection. All I have to do is slide that to the On position, and that stops automatic updates. You can turn on the updates by sliding that back to Off. Or if you go to a new Wi-Fi network, it will default back to off automatically.

Now that you’ve fooled Windows 10, don’t be the next one who’s fooled. Update regularly. For other ways to trick Windows 10, email us at