Jobs are becoming easier one robot at a time

Service robots are taking over as walking aids for patients, farmers, and oil rig inspectors at the Automatica international trade fair in Germany.

Robots pick up clothing,

sort groceries and

help pour drinks

at the Automatica international trade fair in Munich, Germany.

The event brings automation

and robotics under one roof

to showcase the robots’ utility throughout different industries.

Inventory robots like the Stockbot can scan products in stores and

create lists of incorrectly assorted goods or stock.

PickIt works in a warehouse environment and uses a camera

to pick up products of various shapes and sizes off shelves

The EU program ECHORD supports various robotic research projects

like Garotics which is designed to improve the harvesting speed and quality of asparagus production

Anymal is made for use in rough terrain and can carry different sensors for inspection of oil and gas sites

Othello is designed to aid disabled and elderly people

It’s perfect for gripping hard to reach objects

The idea behind Exotrainer is to help kids with muscular degradation

Get back on their feet.

Standing over 6 feet tall and weighting over 200 pounds

Surena III can recognize faces and objects using Microsoft’s kinetic sensor

Robots may soon be useful in many aspects of daily life

including helping us to perfect the robot dance.