Toshiba Z20t-C2112 review: Lots of battery life, but it doesn't come cheap

Two batteries make this tablet-laptop hybrid an excellent companion for business travel...if your IT department can afford it.

Sure, it's painted corporate black, but the Toshiba Z20t's claim to fame isn't its looks. This laptop-tablet hybrid can power through a whopping 14 hours of video playback.


That plentiful run time comes from the Z20t's two 36 watt-hour batteries. Its tablet and keyboard dock each contain one, and the tablet lasts just shy of 7 and a half hours during continuous video playback on its own. Whether you're on a domestic or international flight, this laptop can keep you entertained for hours, with juice to spare for getting actual work done.

The Z20t's other noteworthy specs are less immediately impressive, but still very respectable. Its display is a 12.5-inch, 1920x1080 10-point touchscreen, with bezels that give just the right amount of room for holding it as a tablet. The panel is also matte, which is a relief when working in bright conditions.

Inside is a Core m5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 256 gigabyte SSD. This laptop easily handles basic, everyday office work like word processing and video chat, and kept neck-in-neck with competitors that had faster CPUs in PCMark 8's Work Conventional benchmark.

The Z20t’s main drawbacks are its weight and its price. While the tablet section is a manageable 1.6 pounds, the keyboard dock makes the entire package a hefty 3.3 pounds. And when it comes time to take out your wallet, this C2112 model will set you back 17-hundred dollars.

That said, the Z20t IS a business laptop -- and it’s an excellent hybrid model that more than adequately fills both the tablet and notebook roles.