Add-ons bring Windows Hello to all Windows 10 PCs

Mouse Computer has add-on sensors that will allow the Windows Hello security system to work on any Windows 10 PC.

Now any Windows 10 PC can run Windows Hello

Windows Hello is Microsoft’s biometric security system for Windows 10 PCs. It’s more secure than a password, but your PC has to have the right sensors.

Most older PCs don’t, so users are out of luck … until now. Mouse Computer has add-on sensors that will work on any Windows 10 PC.

Marlowe Dayley, Hardware device evangelism lead worldwide
“So it takes away the need for a password. It means, you may have seen a fingerprint reader, that uses Windows Hello and Windows 10 to unlock your PC. With Windows Hello, there are cameras, two of them, scans your face, sees who you are, recognizes you and unlocks your PC. There’s also capabilities to unlock website content so you don’t have to remember passwords all the time. Just look at the camera, it looks at your face, says ‘I know who you are,’ and unlocks the content.”

There’s an infrared camera and this is a fingerprint reader. The Japanese company hasn’t announced a launch date or pricing.