Game of Drones is a form of aerial warfare where drones fight to the death

As drones have gained popularity, so has the sport of drone fighting. Pilots from around the world gather to go head to head for a chance to become top drone.

NAT: Take you out little man!
NAT: That drone was screaming like a cheerleader at a pep rally. What was going on with that?

Welcome to the world of aerial drone fighting…better known as Game of Drones. The rules are simple: each drone starts off with three points. You lose a point every time your drone hits the ground. The first to zero loses. If your drone is unable to fly…you have 90 seconds to resurrect it. Basically…it’s a flight to the death!

Game of Drones was born in 20-13 when a group of robot, and Game of Thrones enthusiasts decided it would be fun to smash their drones to smithereens.
This Flight Club quickly gained popularity, attracting dozens of people through meetups and eventually morphing into a formal league called Aerial Sports League.

Reiner Von Weber is a pro drone fighter, and like any good competitor, he has a solid strategy when it comes to winning matches.

SOT: So when I’m fighting, what I’m trying to do is to get above you and I am trying to either break your props, hurl you, or push you into the net.

Like any sport, casualties are a given, but they’re not limited to the drones.

Most of the damage happens in the pits. Change your propellers, people get cut all the time accidentally hit…get your fingers cut. My friend, unfortunately, had a drone go into his face. He almost lost an eye.

Sounds dangerous…but I’m nothing if not a bit of a thrill seeker. So with the help of SF Drone School teacher, Werner von Stein, I braved the pit to try my hand at drone combat. The learning curve was a bit steep to say the least.

NAT: Oh man! Did I just take off my wing?
NAT: And pins his opponent to the ground!

Ok so I lost the battle, but not the war. A quick swap of one of my propellers and I was back up and flying…well at least for a little while.

I had to admit, drone fighting is a lot harder than it looks.

NAT: Well I think this definitely proves that I won’t be a drone pilot any time soon.
NAT: Why?
NAT: Definitely need a lot more practice.
NAT: Well I mean practice makes perfect.

Clearly I still have a long way to go if I hope to become an expert drone pilot like these guys. Till then, I’ll just have to focus on brainstorming a fierce drone name. Perhaps something like…Magadrone!