Hands-on: Mophie’s new wireless chargers will never leave you dry

Mophie is introducing a wireless charging solution for your house, your car and your office. Moving forward, all Mophie cases will be compatible with this wireless charging technology.

Mophie is going all-in on wireless charging. Their new ecosystem of products collectively known as “Charge Force” will keep your phone charged from the minute you get into your car in the morning to when you go to bed at night.

The products include a charging pad for your nightstand, the vent clip for your car and the desk mount for the office. They all come with built-in magnets to make sure your phone stays put. Of course, you’re going to need a compatible mophie case in order to tap into wireless charging, and mophie tells us that all their cases moving forward will be equipped with this technology. In fact, the juice pack cases that Mophie just released for the Galaxy S7 are already Charge Force-compatible.

I was impressed by the strength of the magnets, especially for the vent clip. But I didn’t get to test it while actually driving a car, so I would still like to see how well an iPhone stays in place and how easy it is to remove with one hand while on the road. Still, if you’re looking for an effortless charging solution, and you spend a lot of time in the car, the vent clip is your best bet. It keeps things neat and organized so you won’t have to fumble around your dashboard looking for a charging cable.

For non-drivers, I could see myself using either the charging pad or the desk mount, but not both. Having more than one of these products may ease your “low battery anxiety” but considering that the mophie cases already boost your battery life, I don’t see a need for this entire ecosystem just yet. Unless, perhaps, you like to have your phone charged at 100 percent all the time. Being OCD does have its lifestyle requirements.

You can purchase the charging pad bundled with a juice pack for $99. The vent clip is now for pre-sale for $49 and the desk mount is coming soon, also for $49.