Arduino targets IOT devices with Primo, Otto boards

Arduino has launched two new boards that integrate wireless networking and target developers building devices for the Internet of Things

There are new boards from Arduino, targeted at IOT

Arduino, the Italian company famous for its programmable plug-and-play electronics boards is turning its focus on connected gadgets. The company is preparing to launch a new board called the Primo, the first to contain built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and infrared.

Federico Musto, CEO of Arduino, showed me the boards at Maker Faire Bay Area.

“That is the first board that we build, really, as a starting point to write code for IOT.”

Until now, anyone building with Arduino had to plug in add-on boards for wireless networking but the Primo puts it all in one.

Also new is the Primo Core, a cut-down version without WiFi and support for expansion boards but with other core functions. It can be directly embedded into a project or used with the companion Alicepad, which adds USB, and NFC antenna and breaks out the connectors.

Arduino is also launching the Otto.

“The most important feature is the microphone. So for the first time we built the microphone built in on the PCB and that allows us to talk.”

The Otto can be programmed to work with Amazon’s Echo and other speech recognition systems to users can talk to their devices — something that’s becoming more popular according to Musto.

“I think the key point is the way that you interact with the stuff. No one wants to use a keyboard anymore. Also the iPhone, iPad. So I believe the really the right is to talk. Hey, can you make the pizza today and he makes the pizza.”

The boards will be available in late June or July. Prices are yet to be announced.