What will Apple’s wireless EarPods be like?

Apple might be developing wireless EarPods for the iPhone 7. We tested Erato Audio’s Apollo 7 earphones and the Rowkin Mini to get a taste of what they might be like.

Apple is looking to untangle your life a little bit. Yep, wireless EarPods are rumored to hit stores this fall along with the launch of iPhone 7.

Apple is reportedly developing wireless EarPods that connect to the iPhone via Bluetooth. Wireless Earpods are a logical next-generation product for Apple, especially considering that the iPhone 7 is rumored to not have a headphone jack. That’s right: you will only be able to listen to music on the iPhone 7 via Bluetooth or using headphones that connect to the main Lighting port.

Now, as futuristic as wireless earphones may sound, several companies are already selling them. So don’t think Apple is all of the sudden originating the idea. Kind of like how people think Apple invented mp3 players and tablets, well, that just isn’t the case.

So what do these wireless earphones look like today? Erato Audio’s new Apollo 7 earphones are wireless, waterproof and have a built-in microphone for answering phone calls and talking to Siri. Apple’s own wireless EarPods are expected to have a noise-cancelling microphone, as well, and Siri voice support. The Apollo 7 earphones last for 4 hours and can be recharged using a portable case. You can get them in the Apple-approved color schemes: Silver, Gold, Grey and of course Rose Gold. Each for $249.

If this is a little out of your price range, you can get a single Rowkin Mini for just $60. This stylish earphone also has a built-in mic and it's smaller than the Apollo 7’s. It comes in Space Grey, Silver and a model that's plated with 24-karat Gold. The one issue is that the Rowkin Mini lasts only about an hour, or up to six hours if you count the portable charging case as an extended battery. Rumor has it that Apple’s wireless EarPods will also come with a carrying case that acts as a rechargeable battery, but hopefully Apple will make the earpods’ internal battery last longer than an hour.

Wireless is clearly the way of the future when it comes to earphones. I can’t tell you just how many times I’ve been riding the subway in San Francisco and it’s so crowded because of years of bad planning when it comes to public transit, that my earphone wires literally get tangled up in someone else’s stuff when I’m trying to get out.

So I’m really excited that wireless earphones are becoming a reality in 2016. And if they happen to old news by the time Apple’s rumored earpods hit stores, Apple should just hop on the next big thing: earphones that conduct sound via your cheekbones. Now, that’s cool.