Acer's new tablet, gaming PCs pack power

Acer unveiled a new tablet PC, gaming laptop and gaming desktop in New York on Thursday.

Acer’s got a new tablet and gaming PCs for virtual reality

The Switch Alpha 12 tablet is one of the stars of Acer’s 2016 product line up that was unveiled on Thursday in New York. Acer says is the first fanless tablet with an Intel Skylake Core I processor — that means lots of power and no fan noise. To stop overheating, it has a liquid cooling system.

It’s got a 12-inch screen and Acer promises up to 8 hours of battery life with up to 512GB of storage. And, like Microsoft’s Surface Pro, it has a kickstand. The base model starts at $599 and prices rise from there.

Acer also unveiled new Predator gaming machines.

The Predator 17X laptop is a 17.3-inch laptop with an Intel Core i7 that runs as fast as 4GHz and it’s got great graphics performance too. To keep all that hardware cool, it has a triple-fan cooling system that sucks in air at the sides and pushes it out the back. It can have an HD or 4K displayed will go on sale in North America in June starting at $2,799, with other countries to follow.

Also for gamers, the Predator G1 gaming desktop. You can pack in Titan X, Nvidia’s fastest graphics system and Intel Skylake chips to make the machine fly. It will be available in China in May and North America in June, with other countries to follow. U.S. pricing starts at $2,299.

And Acer says both gaming systems have the muscle to run virtual reality headsets.