Lenovo Yoga 900 Review

It's not as thin as its predecessor, but the Yoga 900 is faster and lasts longer between charges.

Yes, Lenovo’s Yoga 900 is thicker than its predecessor. But that’s for good reason—inside is a faster processor than in the Yoga 3 Pro. Why quibble about the barest fraction of an inch when you can get more performance out of your laptop?

In most ways, the Yoga 900 borrows heavily from its older sibling. It boasts the Yoga line’s trademark 360 degrees of flexibility, and retains the same watchband-style hinge that made the Yoga 3 Pro so splashy. Whether you want to fold the Yoga 900 into a tablet, tent, or standard laptop, every position holds firmly no matter what the angle.

The Yoga 900 also sports a display with the same specs as the Yoga 3 Pro. It’s a 13.3-inch, 3200 by 1800 resolution IPS touchscreen that’s great under most conditions, especially when playing movies in low-light. It is pretty reflective, though.

What’s different, of course, is the processor inside the Yoga 900. Instead of the newer Skylake version of the Yoga 3 Pro’s Core M chip, you get a more powerful Skylake Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processor. In PCMark 8’s benchmark for productivity apps, our Core i7 Yoga 900 scored 2,531. That increase of over 45 percent in performance versus the Yoga 3 Pro is a nice bump if you need the speed.

With that performance gain comes a need for more battery life—hence the Yoga 900’s chunkier frame. It might not be that much thicker, but it does pack several more ounces than the Yoga 3 Pro. The result is a decent battery life, though. You’ll get 6 hours and 37 minutes—just enough to make it through the entirety of a cross-country flight.

As drawbacks go, though, the Yoga 900’s limited number of ports looms larger than weight. It’s not as bad as getting only one USB port, but there are no dedicated video-out connections--so you’ll have to carry around a dongle for the USB Type C port if you want to use any external displays.

Overall, the Yoga 900 is a great improvement over the Yoga 3 Pro. Even if this latest Yoga has grown a little bit since its last incarnation, it’s hard to beat.