Which iPhone battery case should I get?

Which battery case should you get? Watch as we review Apple’s ergonomic Smart Battery Case, Mophie’s more affordable Juice Pack Reserve, and Kuke’s battery case with external storage options.

What if I told you that there’s a way for your iPhone to never run out of battery ever again. All you need is a handy-dandy battery case. I’ll help you pick the right one.

I’d be remiss not to start with Apple’s very own Smart Battery Case for $99. This case keeps your iPhone charged even after 18 hours of Internet use. I took mine to South by Southwest and was so happy to not have the added anxiety of my phone dying in the middle of a very important date.

When this Smart Battery case first came out, however, people were quick to point out its funny-looking hump. But this “design fail” actually has a purpose. According to Tim Cook, it makes it easier to slip the iPhone in and out the case. Unfortunately Apple only makes this case for the iPhone 6 and 6s.

If you own any other iPhone model, you might be better suited for Mophie’s Juice Packs. They’re considerably cheaper compared to the Apple case. For example the Juice Pack Reserve is only $59, but it only extends your iPhone battery life to 16 hours of Internet use. And trust me, those two extra hours you get with the Apple case totally make a big difference when you’re designing your dream mancave on Pinterest.

Another issue with the Mophie cases is that they’re not compatible with Apple’s Lightning chargers. This means that if you’re traveling, you’ll have to bring an extra charger just for your battery pack. This is actually the reason why I decided not to bring this case to South By. I had to be very smart in what I could bring and an extra charger just didn’t fit in between my box of chewable coffee and my two cowboy hats.

If you have a 16GB iPhone (and if you watched last week’s iPhone Show, I don’t know why you would!)... you should definitely look into this [the Kuke case]. Kuke combines an external battery and extra gigs of storage into one case. Basically it’s battery case and a memory case in one. The Kuke case is thinner than Apple’s Smart Case even though the battery is actually bigger. So you get more battery life and 16GB of external storage. And it’s compatible with a Lightning charger. All this for $69.

The only tiny issue I had with this case is I couldn’t take my iPhone out. Yup, the struggle was real. I never thought I’d say this but I kind of wish this thing had a hump.