iOS 9.3: Best new features you need right now

iOS 9.3 is not your typical dot release. Night Shift, locked Notes, and new Live Photo features give your iPhone more capabilities than ever.

You’re probably thinking, “a dot release? Who needs it?” Turns out, you do. iOS 9.3 actually has a few brand-new features. Here are our favorites so far.

By far, the biggest new feature in iOS 9.3 is Night Shift. You mean, that new superhero they introduced in Batman versus Superman? No. Night Shift is a new setting that warms up the display colors on your iPhone, so that harsh blue light doesn’t keep you up at night. Apple says that Night Shift MIGHT help you get a better night’s sleep. Even though the actual science behind this is a little… um, murky, it’s still a more pleasant way to use your phone right before bed. You can set Night Shift to turn on automatically right at Sunset or turn it on and off whenever you want in your Control Center.

I’m not even joking when I say that in my Notes app, I actually have saved a bunch of rap lyrics that I wrote myself. I know, it’s delusional, it’s embarrassing. So now you see why having the ability to add a password lock to your Notes is so crucial. To lock your Notes in iOS 9.3, you first need to set a password in your Notes Settings. Then you will see a little lock icon when you try to share a Note. But that’s not all. Don’t forget to click on the actual lock, or people will discover your secret side-career trying to be the next Kendrick Lamar.

I love taking Live Photos. Seriously what’s not to love about this or this or this. But sending a bunch of Live Photos to your friends can seem a little pretentious. Like you’re just trying to show off your Live Photo-taking skills. I’m pretty good by the way. Thanks to iOS 9.3, now you can extract the still image from a Live Photo and save it. In the Photos app, simply hit to Share button and then Duplicate. You will now get the option to duplicate the Live Photo or just the still image.

These dot releases are usually all about making iOS run more smoothly, but in this case, iOS 9.3 is actually giving us new things to try out. Now I’m thinking Night Shift would also make for a pretty cool rap name.