Fenix's RC40 is the ultimate flashlight

It’s like having the sun in your pocket.

When the lights go out, you don’t want to be left in the dark. So flashaholics, I’m about to show you the ultimate flashlight.

(Whispering voice and looking around with flashlight) “Shaggy? … Scooby?.... Where are you guys?...”shaggy?”

When people break out their flashlight in an emergency this is what they usually have: a 2D alkaline that’s barely brighter than a candle.

So meet the Fenix RC40. It puts out an insane 6,000 lumens of light. Yes, 6,000. That’s enough to light up a room just by bouncing the beam off the ceiling.

The RC40 does this by using five top-of-the-line Cree XM-L2 U2 LEDs emitters.

On its highest setting, it’ll put out a retina scorching 6,000 lumens for an hour. One tick lower, and you get just under two hours with 4,000 lumens. And on the eco setting of 45 lumens, you’re looking at five days of light. It even has a strobe mode and SOS feature.

The RC40 puts out so much light, Fenix says it’ll light up objects almost half a mile away.

Don’t worry about getting it wet either. The RC 40 is IPX-8 rated for submersion up to 2 meters.

And forget the alkaline batteries. The RC40 runs on a rechargeable 7.4 volt lithium ion battery. Fenix even gives you a wall charger and adapter for a car cigarette lighter too.

Even better, when that emergency happens and your smartphone has died, you can plug it into the flashlight’s USB port for an emergency charge.

That way you can still call Fred and Thelma to get you out of that jam.