Domino's has a pizza delivery robot

The future is here! Domino's Pizza has developed an autonomous pizza delivery robot in Australia

Here comes the pizza robot

Domino’s Pizza in Australia has built what it says it the world’s first pizza delivery robot.

Called DRU, the Domino’s Robotic Unit, it has compartments to keep a pizza hot and drinks cold while it travels along sidewalks to the delivery location.

The unit has onboard sensors to spot obstacles and can navigate the entire path autonomously, according to Domino’s.

The first delivery took place near Domino’s Australia’s headquarters in Brisbane this week.

Each DRU is built on a base from Marathon Robotics, an Australian company that has been building these targeting robots for the military. Here they are undergoing test by the US Marines in California.

Their battlefield training could prepare them for urban Australian streets, but DRU isn’t ready for primetime yet.

There’s still R&D work that needs to be done and legal and regulatory hurdles. Plus the cost: around US$23,000.