Mingis on Tech: Drones on the rise, Detroit on the move -- to Silicon Valley

Executive News Editor Ken Mingis and reporters discuss all things drone ("selfie drone," anyone?) and why auto makers are partnering with Apple and Google.

In this "transportation edition" of Computerworld's video podcast, Executive New Editor Ken Mingis talks with contributing writer and resident drone-expert Michael deAgonia, who covers the finer points (and price points) of quad-copter drones like the Chroma and Dragonfly for aerial photography and explains what the heck a "selfie-drone" is. Senior Writer Lucas Mearian reports on why auto makers are setting up shop in Silicon Valley: as the hardware in cars and trucks becomes a commodity, vehicles are becoming software-defined, which means Detroit needs to partner with Google and Apple -- and their respective CarPlay and Android Auto services -- to meet consumer demand and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.