5 Weirdest iOS Keyboards

Install one of these wacky third-party keyboards on your iPhone to communicate using Klingon symbols, customized emojis, or even Lil' Wayne rap lyrics.

Everyone loves sending emojis, but have you ever tried expressing yourself using Lil Wayne rap lyrics? Because there’s a third-party iOS keyboard full of them. And if you think that’s weird, there are more crazy keyboards where that came from. Here are some of the weirdest keyboards you can install on your iPhone.
HangKeys gives new meaning to the concept of “Words with Friends.” This third-party keyboard makes it super easy to start playing Hangman with your text buddies. Because everyone knows that the most effective way to communicate is by playing a guessing game. The keyboard does all the work of putting the guessed letters on the phrase or on the poor little stick figure.
Listen up Trekkies, or anyone who thinks they may be an alien from a fictional television series, there’s Klingon keyboard just for you! Klingon KeySwipes transforms your normal keyboard into these weird little characters that I’m not quite sure anyone here on Earth will be able to understand. But what do I know? I can’t even do the Vulcan salute.
No matter what situation you’re going through in life, there’s probably a Lil Wayne lyric to go along with it. Little Weezy puts all these iconic rap phrases right at your fingertips. Just don’t send them to your coworkers, or you’ll quickly discover how one text can get you fired for lewd behavior, verbal assault and sexual harassment.
The only thing weirder than texting silly cartoons, is texting silly cartoons that have been designed to look exactly like you. Bitmoji lets you create an avatar of yourself that you can send to all your friends. It will either bring a smile to their faces, or haunt them in their sleep.
There’s even a third-party keyboard that will help you flirt over text… sort of. The Flirt keyboard comes up with a bunch of pickup lines for guys and girls to use while chatting with someone on Tinder, or any other dating app. Most pickup lines are predictably cheesy, but some are just downright weird.
There you have it, just a few of the weird keyboards we’re currently obsessed with. Or, as the Klingons would say, “Hoch DIl [loD/be']vam”