Hardcore Hardware: CyberPower Trinity Xtreme

CyberPower's Trinity Xtreme is one insane looking PC that no longer forces you to pick between proprietary and cool looking or standard parts in a boring box.

PC Gamers, it’s time to start thinking outside the box. In fact, throw out boxy cases entirely–this PC looks like I stole it from a James Bond movie set.

This is CyberPower’s Trinity Extreme. A PC so odd looking it could pass for a Star Trek movie prop or even Jack Bauer’s nuclear bomb briefcase.

But it’s no regular PC. The Trinity manages to take the thing that makes the PC better than everyone else like the PC’s use of industry standard parts while still looking incredibly exotic.

Why are industry standard parts so important? Because when it’s time to upgrade your PC, you’ll actually be able to get the parts to do that upgrade.

This Trinity Extreme doesn’t need a ton of upgrades either. It has a liquid-cooled six-core Haswell-E Core i7-5820K See Pee You, GeForce Titan X Gee Pee You, Asrock X99 Mini ITX motherboard, two hundred and fifty gigabyte SSD and two terabyte hard drive.

And again, the amazing thing is these are all off the shelf components despite them being in their own compartments.
The CPU, for example is in this pod, the GPU in this pod and the hard drive and power supply are in this pod.

If you decided in three years to swap this motherboard out for a new one—not a problem.

The negatives? This sucker is incredibly heavy at almost fifty pounds and it eats up a ton of desk space too. You can get just as much computer power into a smaller space if you go with a conventional square box.

But that doesn’t get you what you want: A truly unique looking that will your friends wondering if you’re a James Bond Supervillain instead of their friendly nerd.