HTC One M9 video review

HTC's latest flagship phone has a whole lot in common with its last flagship phone. Too much.

The One M9 is the follow-on to the One M8, my favorite Android phone of 2014.

The good news is, it’s still good. Bad news: it’s barely any better than the M8.

HTC made only the slightest possible tweaks, it’s more like the One M8 plus.

Outside it looks almost exactly the same. Ridges on edges, new silver-and-gold color (still can get gunmetal grey too)
- power button on side
- slightly shorter, but still tall

Display is the same. 1080p, not bad, but not the best.

Speakers ARE the best. Stereo, loud, clear, Dolby tech.

Processor – snapdragon 810, 3 gigs RAM. Not really any faster.

Battery life is WORSE

Camera – dropped duo cam, moved 4 megapixel ultrapixel to front. Great for selfies. The 20 megapixel rear camera is only okay. Not good in low light. Prone to flares.

Software – Sense 7 looks almost just like Sense 6. There’s a new widget and restaurant recommendations. I turned them off.

You wouldn’t be bad off buying the One M9, but you’re not really better off with it than with last year’s model. How many flagship phones can you say THAT about?

The M9 is a tiny step forward where HTC’s competitors are making major strides. It’s still a good phone, but it’s nothing more than that.