First look at Parrot's Disco flying-wing drone

Parrot has developed a distinctive wing-shaped drone that swoops through the sky at high speed and can be automatically controlled from a smartphone app.

A Disco in the sky

This is the Parrot Disco, a flying wing design drone that the company plans to put on sale this year.

This is one of the prototypes. The drone body is made from foam so even though it’s about a meter across, it’s pretty light at 700 grams. It can reach speeds of 50 miles per hour.

A single propellor on the rear will keep in aloft for up to 45 minutes.

The drone has the same camera as the Bebop 2 and is flown from Parrot’s SkyController device or a standard RC controller. Or it can follow an automatic flight plan.

It’s thrown into the air to launch and will automatically fly to 50 meters and circle before awaiting instructions.

Parrot doesn’t have a precise launch date beyond 2016 and no hint of the price.