It's not just Amazon that has a delivery drone

Workhorse, an Ohio-based electric truck maker, has a drone that flies right off the top of its trucks.

It’s not from Amazon, but this drone still delivers packages


Workhorse is an Ohio-based electric truck maker that’s come up with a drone that launches from its trucks.

“You have a package delivery drone that rides on top of the truck as the driver goes about his day and helps to pick off outliers on his route to help cut down on the cost of delivery per package.”

Workhorse says the drone will lift off autonomously from its truck and fly to a GPS location for delivery. Then cameras switch on and a human operator at a control center brings it down, avoiding people and trees, and drops off the package. At that point it flies back to the truck.

The drone has a top speed of 55 miles per hour and can fly for 30 minutes but Workhorse wants to extend that to 45 minutes. It plans to use new batteries from Panasonic, which also supplies its truck batteries.

“With a 10 pound payload, you have a lot of scientific interest for carrying payloads to remote locations or dropping of data loggers. But on the package delivery front, we have spoken to several large and small package delivery companies who are interested in getting into this space. It seems Amazon with their drones has kick started a little bit of a revolution and some of the more traditional companies are scrambling to keep up.”