Nintendo at E3 2015: brand new Zelda and Star Fox

Nintendo announced at its E3 press conference the arrival of a brand new Zelda Tri Force Heroes and Star Fox Zero.

Nintendo just finished its E3 press conference and showed us a ton of trailers and announced a couple new amiibo collectibles and showed a deeper behind the scenes look at Yoshi’s Wooly World and Super Mario Maker.
But the real news is a brand new Starfox called Starfox Zero and a brand new Zelda Triforce Heroes

Starfox Zero
Is coming out on the Wii U this holiday
In Starfox, they are focusing on transformation
Starfox is a game where you’re either attacking people in space or down on a plant.
In this version of Starfox, the actual ship transforms from flying to ground combat on the ground
The game focuses on ships transforming
They also introduce a unique control scheme that we haven’t seen before in this game or any other Wii game
There’s cinematic action of the world on the main screen
And on the gamepad, you see a first-person view of the ship and shooting things and playing out on the TV screen.

Zelda Triforce Heroes is coming out on the 3DS this fall.
This is a new multiplayer Zelda, similar to Four Swords Adventure.
You can play it with two friends online or alone with two characters that look like dolls.
There are three Links running around, and you’re all working together to complete the dungeon.
There;s a new Major mechanic that Nintendo is calling totem where each character jumps on each other to solve puzzles.

These are new updates to beloved franchises. The question is whether these are enough to move units.